[PICS] Will the Z06s With Prime Wings be Put in on the Manufacturing unit and Shipped Underneath Covers?

[PICS] Will the Z06s With High Wings be Installed at the Factory and Shipped Under Covers?

[PICS] Will the Z06s With High Wings be Installed at the Factory and Shipped Under Covers?

Check out these pics from an Instagram user that shows a Corvette Z06 with the high wing installed being shipping with a transportation cover on an auto transporter.

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[PICS] Will the Z06s With High Wings be Installed at the Factory and Shipped Under Covers?

This is superb information on many fronts if it’s true, however already I’m seeing some a professional other people disputing this.

Prime Wings for the C8 Stingrays are put in throughout PDI at dealerships and it calls for pulling off the rear fascia to put in. Sadly, there were cases of the paint surrounding the mounting issues being broken throughout the removing of the Z51 spoiler, to not point out that base Stingrays required the broker techs to drill their very own holes. The method places extra paintings on dealership technicians and it provides to the ready time for the buyer who simply desires to take supply and revel in the brand new automobile.

Corvette Discussion board’s Agent Provocateur Corvette_Nut introduced up those pictures final evening appearing an absolutely lined 2023 Z06 with the Z07 Efficiency Bundle (highlighted by way of the prime wing and carbon fiber wheels). It’s the primary time we’ve observed an absolutely lined Z06 shipped from the manufacturing unit and many people imagine we could also be in any case seeing the primary respectable pre-production CTFs? So far as I do know, we haven’t observed a real pre-production Z06 with a saleable VIN and in the past CTF sightings seem to turn EX VINs. Once more, for those who people come throughout this type of automobiles in the following few weeks, please seize the VIN so we all know needless to say!

The unique poster of the pictures is Instagram person hot_lt1 who captured the Z06 at Detroit’s Serra Chevrolet of Southfield. Keep in mind within the photos that display the transportation covers will also be fitted for each home Z06s with the quad-center exhaust whilst there are cutouts for the ones Z06 fashions with the corner-mounted export exhausts.

We’ve in the past observed some check automobiles riding round Detroit with simplest the 2 mounting issues uncovered (as we joked concerning the Z07 prime wing already on constraint). It used to be on the Bash that we realized that the Z07 Prime Wing is installable with out casting off the rear facia and if truth be told, it takes simply 8 Torx bolts to fasten it down onto the rear of the auto. With the PDI procedure now a lot more practical for the addition of the rear wing, our previous causes drawing from the Stingray enjoy seem to not a subject.

Those pics from “Marcho Polo” at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com display the Z07 spoiler at the cutaway show and you’ll be able to see how the mounting issues lengthen above the fascia and the screw positions at the stanchions.

Z06 Cutaway
Z06 Cutaway

We have now such a lot of questions after seeing those pictures and I’m positive we’ll pay attention extra concerning the transport processes for the Z06 after we are nearer to the automobiles beginning manufacturing later this summer season.

hot_lt1 / Instagram

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